Louie Jones, Jr.

Louie Jones, Jr., a seasoned photographer based in Chicago, IL, brings a unique artistic perspective, shaped by a life of constant movement as an Army dependent and later as an Army Officer. From religion to politics to music, Louie's diverse subjects reflect his deeply personal connection to his craft. He often shares, “My art is a mirror of my life. To know me, acquaint yourself with my creations.” The recurring use of the color blue in his work pays homage to his grandparents, who were Alabama sharecroppers .

For Louie, a timeless image is more than colors; it's a fusion of vision and boundless creativity. Capturing the spirit of a moment is his priority, ensuring each photo is an authentic work of art. Rejecting artistic norms, he proclaims, “There are no rules,” empowering himself to push boundaries and explore new artistic realms.

As he firmly believes, "Light has its own language. Once you learn to harness and shape it, you'll be amazed with what it has to say.” Through his commitment to capturing emotion, Louie invites viewers on a visual journey, transcending the boundaries of mere sight.